Alexander creutz 1981
2013-2016 BFA Umeå Academy of Fine Arts
2010-2012 Örebro art college

Upcoming exhibitions
2018 1/6 Sommarutställning Lohme art gallery. Malmö
2018 13/6 Kvadrat. Wallery Gallery. Stockohlm
2018 14/6 Galerie Benjamin Eck. München
2018 8/9 Örebro konsthall

Solo exhibitions
2018 "double rod pendulum" Lohme art gallery. Malmö
2017 "Konstvärlden - En exposé" Contemporary Garage. Örebro
2016 Ephemeral Attraction // Speed Dating vol 2
  The Gallery at Arts Campus. Umeå
2012 "Deliverance" Konstrummet. Lindesberg

Group exhibitions
2017 "Inspiration" Länsmuseet. Örebro
2017 Edsviks konsthall. Sollentuna
2017 Open Art. Örebro
2017 "Konsten just nu" Touring exhibition in Sweden
2017 "Kvadrat" Wallery gallery. Stockholm
2017 Super Market Art fair. Stockholm
2017 "One of a hundred" Kulturkossan. Delsbo
2016 "Länets Konst" Länsmuseet. Örebro
2016 "Turned street art" Wallery Gallery. Stockholm
2016 Konstslingan. Örebro
2016 "Gott & Blandat"  Wallery Gallery. Stockholm
2016 Konst åt alla. Umeå
2016 "Satellit" Galleri ID:I. Stockholm
2016 "Contractus 1" Umeå Konsthall. Umeå
2016 Moving Art Project.
2016 BFA Graduation exhibition Umeå Academy of Fine Arts.
  The Gallery at Arts Campus. Umeå
2016 "UMAMI - 5th Taste Of Art" Wallery Gallery. Stockholm
2016 Liljevalchs vårsalong. Stockholm
2016 NAU Gallery. Stockholm
2015 Liljevalchs vårsalong. Stockholm
2014 "This might mean something
  This could be important" The Gallery at Arts Campus. Umeå
2013 "Inte vår verklighet" Galleri Detroit. Stockholm
2012 "Himmelsvitt" Bryggeriet. Nora
2012 "Untitled #32" Örebro konsthall. Örebro
2012 Konst åt alla. Kulturpalatset. Örebro
2012 Alexander Zikas minnesutställning. Örebro konsthall. Örebro
2011 Young Art for a Good Cause. Stockholm
2011 "Olaga intrång" Paviljong Lux. Örebro
2011 "Paint swapping stories" Kulturhuset. Örebro
2011 "Hejdå Örebro" Kulturhuset. Örebro
2010 Young Art for a Good Cause. Stockholm
2011 Alexander Zikas Minnesfond

Örebro läns museum

2018 Guest teacher. Örebro Art College
2017 Art assistant. Open Art Örebro läns mueum
2017 Guest teacher. Örebro Art College
2015 Art assistant. Open Art
2015 Guest teacher. Örebro Art College
2013 Art assistant. Open Art
2013 Art assistant. Ebba Matz

My artistry is founded in the pursuit of what happens when you close the door to the outer world and start to look for the different things you normally can’t see. My paintings should be seen as snapshots from peoples personal lives, moments from the reality we usually hide deep down under our wellpolished surface.In one of my most recent series of paintings, I have chosen to portrait the feet of my friends. The reason behind the paintings is my opinion that body parts that’s not normally displayed creates an openness for the viewer, and by that a more honest image of the depicted person – without the preconceived thoughts we usually get from reading a persons face.
We are so used to always see faces, both IRL and in social media – to read faces, meet people, see selfies and other forms of self-portraits. As an artist, to always be exposed to faces in various ways, this can enhance the difficulty of truly portrait a face and all the emotions that it conveys. As a result of this, it becomes harder to get a true perception of the individual behind the face. A pair of feet on the other hand is as unique as a face, but because they are rarely depicted you will get another kind of freedom as an artist to explore them closer and understand who the person behind them really are.